Window Tinting on the Sunshine Coast – Are you ready for Summer?

Sunshine Coast – How Window Tinting can Save You and Your Wallet from the Heat this Christmas.

Its safe to say summer is well and truly on its way. With recent spikes in temperature giving us a rude reminder of the scorching heats to come. The Sweaty season is here meaning either suffer through it or pay through the roof for air conditioning, right?


Here at Sunshine Coast Windscreen and Glass Tinting. Our Window Tints can either Filter or completely block the UV rays that are turning your house or car into an oven and your upholstery to a faded mess. With Window Tint that can block up to 100% of damaging rays, dramatically dropping the interior temperature by up to 78%. It’s no wonder so many people on the Sunshine Coast are opting for Window Tinting in order to avoid the dreaded power bill jump after another stinker of a summer.

Window Tinting Sunshine Coast

Along with keeping the heat out, and protecting your upholstery. Our Window Tinting service creates a great feeling of privacy. We even offer a one-way Reflective window tinting for Homes and Offices, blocking prying eyes. Window Tinting Also reduces a great deal of glare, improving the quality of your view and protecting your eyes. Great for the home and increases safety on the roads. Cutting out those painful afternoon Windscreen glare blind spots.

Car Window Tinting

Car Tinting Sunshine Coast

Car Window Tinting on the Sunshine Coast is surprisingly not only for the shady commodore driver. With a wide range of shades and levels of UV Protection, our Car Windscreen and Window Tinting Service can more than Triple the lifespan of your car’s interior. As well as minimizing the amount of heat that gets trapped in your vehicle. Extending the Lifespan of your investment and making your vehicle a pleasure to get in, no matter how long its been in the sun. Call our Team today at Sunshine Coast Windscreen and Glass Tinting for a quick quote on keeping your car or home cooler this summer,